I Am Glory; I Am My Champion

I Am Glory; I Am My Champion

Fall twice? Get back up again.

Lost? Find a new perspective.

Disappointed? Believe in your comeback.

This world is surrounded by a war between darkness and glory — the battle between life’s harrowing moments and rising up in victory in praise of one’s triumphs.

Through all of the outside battles between shadows and greatness, life has a funny way of challenging us through its very own game, set, match. When that time comes, know that this is finally your time, your moment. That fire and reserved passion inside of you that has been hindered by the uncertainty you’ve been forced to face is now telling you to fight — telling you this is your comeback.

You are the gold medalist — you are the victor in your story. Even through the shadows of shame and darkness, you will find your comeback. You will win, you will overcome. Every time.

You will fight through constant rejections, heartache, and setbacks. You will be faced to climb mountains, jump over hurdles, and fight relentless battles to find your place in this world. And if ever there comes a point where the fire in you is burning out, know that there is no mountain you cannot face, hurdle you cannot overcome, and battle you cannot win. You can, and you will.

If you fall once, get up with perseverance. If you fall twice, get back up again with belief and confidence that you will overcome. If you feel lost, find a new perspective and change your mindset — we grow as individuals when we are faced with life’s greatest challenges, learning to stand on our own in the face of adversity and evil. If you feel disappointed, believe you were put on this earth because somewhere in this world there is something greater waiting for you. Believe in your comeback, and carry on to find your glory.

Yes — there will be doubters, there will be mistakes, and you will be faced with more challenges. But, through each doubter you encounter, mistake you make, and challenge you face, life prepares you for the fight you were put on this earth to win. This is the moment when all cards are in your hands, and you can face the unknown, head on — declaring your comeback in your life’s playbook.

Game. Set. Match.



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