Your Art Matters

Your Art Matters

Writing is an art; in its purest, most honest form.

As a writer, we somehow manage to find even the slightest amount of beauty in the world — even when we’re standing face to face with darkness; standing face to face with fear. As a writer, we overanalyze even the simplest phrase or concept, looking that much deeper and that much further into the world and our surroundings in order to find the perfect story to tell.

As a writer, we are forced to embrace every part of life’s daunting moments — the triumphs, the failures, the sadness, the heartache, the undiscovered. We spend countless hours repeatedly assessing each unique experience — what do we want to share with the world? Why do these words matter? Why does this story matter? We attempt to sort through the millions of thoughts and emotions; the millions of words, in order to find the perfect words; the right words.

In order to find the perfect story.

As a writer, that is the definition of who we are; we are perfectionists. Even so, what we quickly learn is that there are no perfect words. There are only words. But, the world relates to words. The world relates to honesty, bravery, shared experiences. The world relates to the unspoken truth — not perfection.

As a writer, we find passion and excitement in embarking on an unknown journey through paper and words alone. We master the art and task of creating something out of nothing; creating a world filled with grace, beauty, and wonder from a blank sheet of paper; creating a world that resembles hope and serenity for ourselves and our universe.

As a writer, we write in search for answers to our own doubts and worries. But, when putting pen to paper, our words suddenly transform into a poetic art — translating into words of encouragement, becoming answers and guidance for someone, somewhere in this world. We become inspired by people we’ve never met; stories we’ve never read; places we’ve never seen. We become fascinated with this world and everything it embodies, in creating an imaginative story; a place to start anew. Creating something wonderful from something nearly broken.

As a writer, putting a pen to a blank sheet of paper; putting our fingertips to a backlit keyboard is invigorating. As a writer, our minds tend to wander at 1,000 miles per hour, sorting through different aspects of our lives and experiences — sorting through what our next words will be; what next story we’ll share with and inspire the world around us.

Figuring a million and one ways to tell the story of a first or third-party experience or emotion becomes second nature; it’s exhilarating, it’s our passion. We as individuals are no longer in control, but our wandering, adventurous minds now being steered by our fingertips. 

As a writer, we become our own superhero, and our creative minds along with a blank sheet of paper become our sidekick. We are not afraid of third-party opinions because quite frankly, it’s what motivates us to seek out the next story; the perfect story, the greater story. Our hearts and our minds become one in the same; allowing us to believe in where our journey will take us on another blank sheet of paper. Finding our next perfect story to share with our hearts and our world, as one. 

Find your creativity. Find your passion. And when you do, share it with the world. Because your creativity matters; your art matters.


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