Sláinte, Ireland!

Sláinte, Ireland!

Here we are, just two short weeks from takeoff, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve gotten tons of questions around this trip, so I figured I’d share a little more about how this trip came to be — where I’ll be going, what I’ll be doing, where I’ll be staying, and more.

How did you decide on Ireland?

That’s an easy question — I have wanted to go to Ireland basically since the day I saw the film, P.S I Love You. Although I was experiencing the Irish culture and world through a cinematic television screen, my curiosity and excitement for what I could experience first-hand grew immensely.

Apart from the fact that Ireland is a must-see and visit destination altogether, I have grown to admire and enjoy the Irish culture; the music, the language, the personality, the art, basically everything there is to know, learn, and love about this country — not to mention the endless supply of Guinness. 😉

Why are you going to Ireland? How long will you be there?

I have a tendency to live on the rebellious side; to chase after new adventures and push my limits. Lately, that’s involved picking a place on a map and just going. It’s just become apart of who I am. I’m passionate about exploring new places I’ve never been, whether I’m with friends or traveling solo. Some would say I do it so that I can run away, but I do it to run towards adventure.

So needless to say, one day in December I just woke up and said — you know what, I want to spend my 25th birthday in Ireland, so that’s what I’m going to do. I thought long and hard about this decision, 5 minutes to be exact. Then booked my flight for my 10-day Irish adventure, and trusted that everything else would fall into place. Risky, but that’s my life these days.

What places are you visiting?

My favorite question to answer. See my full destinations and planned itinerary below for the deets. 😉


I’ll be spending my first three days and last two days in Dublin making new Irish friends and exploring all that Dublin has to offer:

  • Temple Bar
  • Guinness Storehouse
  • Old Jameson Distillery
  • Dublin Castle
  • Trinity College & Library
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Church Cathedral – i.e Nick and Kaitlyn’s date on The Bachelorette 😉
  • Grafton Street
  • Ha’penny Bridge


  • Magical Hill of Tara – the ancient capital and once the seat of the High Kings of Ireland. Can’t wait to hear all about this mystical place famous for its fairy folk and a wishing tree!
  • Tullamore Dew Whiskey Museum to learn how Uisce Batha, the ‘Water of Life’, is made and get a real taste of Ireland.
  • Ireland’s West Coast and on to Galway Bay, AKA the ‘City of Tribes’.
  • Pub crawl inclusive of all of the best Galway pubs — including the one starred in the Galway Girl music video. 😉


  • I’ll be taking a ferry across the Atlantic to spend a whole day on Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands — so beyond stoked!
  • Most definitely chat and mingle with the locals over a pint of Guinness (i.e fluent in Irish Gaelic and known to be super friendly).
  • Explore the island and visit the awe-inspiring Dun Aonghasa, a 3,000-year-old Iron Age ring fort.
  • Stop at Kylemore Abbey for a romantic awe-inspiring story on my way to the wilds of Connemara instead — home to many sandy beaches, mountains and misty peat bogs.
  • All this obviously calls for a pint and some shenanigans in Galway.


  • Make my way through the lunar landscape of the Burren, home to ancient tombs, fairies, and leprechauns! 😉
  • Stop in the surfing town of Lahinch for lunch before heading to the awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher — stay tuned for a never-ending stream of jaw-dropping photography!
  • Ending the night in Ennis, County Clare; the renowned home of Irish music (MY FAVE). The pubs are filled with locals playing ‘trad’ music so I will be happily joining in a proper Irish jam session.


  • I cannot emphasize enough how stoked I am for the breathtaking scenery and adventure on this one.
  • I’ll be traveling the stunning Slea Head Drive down to Dingle Peninsula and spend the day exploring the dramatic Irish coastline. IKR?
  • I’ll also be learning how to play hurling that originates from an ancient Gaelic game — no idea, but stoked anyways! And ending the day relaxing with the locals and other solo travelers, and taking in the stunning views.
  • This is literally on the itinerary — heading to the party town of Killarney for the night.
  • I’ll be taking a horse and carriage ride through Killarney National Park to see Ross Castle — built in the 15th century, and coming back to join the locals in a Kerry ‘Dishco’ to basically dance and party all night long. I kid you not, that part was in the itinerary verbatim. Could I be any more excited? Hint: probably yes but I think my excitement has hit the max.
  • Ending the Killarney adventures at Blarney Castle — a legendary castle was built by the MacCarthy of Muskerry dynasty and dates back to 1446…WHOA.
  • And as anyone would guess, I would not leave Ireland without hanging upside-down (at 11 meters, mind you…) and give the stone a kiss to get the legendary ‘gift of the gab’ (great eloquence or skill at flattery).


I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my Irish adventures via blog and Instagram — so be sure to check-in and follow along with me! XoXo



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