Dublin: Part One

Dublin: Part One

LOL. Omg.

The two words that describe yesterday and last night to a T.

As anyone could imagine, the second I got to Times Hostel (8 college – highly recommend), I put everything down and shamelessly wandered around Dublin as if I knew exactly what I was doing and exactly where I was going. I didn’t, obviously, but I pulled it off exceptionally well.

Lucky for me, I am right next to Trinity College and less than five minute walk to Temple Bar, so y’all know where I was in the first half hour. 😉 I’ve also got the infamous Grafton Street to my left, so really there was no losing whichever direction I ventured in!

Temple Bar exceeded all expectations. TBH we ended up back there three times yesterday haha. And if you’re a beer lover — holy hell. You NEED to try Guinness from Ireland. Not only is it a million times stronger, but it’s a million times better.

After shamelessly wandering around for the first few hours, I met up with Caroline along with her boyfriend and his friend who are all lucky enough to live in Dublin — she took me to (once again, Temple Bar!) and literally every single pub in Temple Bar (it’s also the street/district name of the area).

I LOVE THE IRISH. I literally cannot stress this or say this enough — I really don’t even hate to admit it because I will say it probably five times a day. Irish > Americans. Ireland > America. Irish pubs > American Irish Pubs. I am just going to say with complete confidence that I am Irish ☘️ because I just love them so much. And Imma need to get a drum roll for the Irish music. I love Irish music in general, but seeing and hearing it play in Dublin is so surreal. Everyone is so energetic and welcoming, like there is absolutely no comparison to anything when it comes to the Irish and Dublin that’s just how amazing it is and the people are. You will never be bored either because everyone’s just happy and wants to have a good time, no matter what hour.

And man, do the Irish love to drink. Not only did we see maybe 5 or so stag and hen (bachelor and bachelorette) parties, but they wanted us involved in every single one of their drinking shenanigans, and this goes for the Irish of all ages; from 15-70 basically.

Mind you, the Irish start drinking around noon on the regular, so odds are you are 100% in for a very entertaining and event filled evening once you’re out.

Oh, and the Irish made me sing in front of everyone…I mean ev-er-y-one. I did it, because 1.) When in Dublin, 2.) Just karaoke, yes, and 3.) They would probably have dragged me to the center of the dance floor with one solo spotlight if I didn’t. But, that was also after three pints, so I thought the sky was the limit at that point. 🤷🏼‍♀️

After bar hopping to essentially all of Temple Bar, we ended up night club hopping (I don’t even want to think about the amount of Euros I spent last night…) to three different places. Each one was super fun, no surprise there. We sang and danced like the fools that we, along with every other person, looked like. We didn’t go to bed until 6:00am.

Also, the amount of times I was told “You have such a strong American accent” was insane — thank you Dublin for not letting me forget it. 😉🍀

So, I am currently running on 5 hours of sleep within the past 48 hours and there’s a 95% chance I am just delirious at this point. I’m supposed to go on a date with a Canadian fella we met last night — we are going to go to the Guinness Storehouse (can’t get enough), probs go to Temple Bar (again, because duh), and eat lots and lots, and LOTS of food. 🥘

Oh, but update on Alexa food status: they have the cados 🥑 BUT like, no one eats Ranch here. I asked if someone had ranch and they said, “is that the white stuff…”.WHAT? I gave him a 5-minute+ lecture on why Ranch is amazing and why they should invest in a bottle while I’m here and for the rest of their lives. This was approximately 6 pints in. Anyways, long story short, they’re team Mayo.

Tomorrow morning I head to Galway, and from all of my conversations with the Dubliners, they are stoked for me because it’s one of their favorite spots! Certainly more to come…


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