Chasing Dreams With A Gypsy State Of Mind

Chasing Dreams With A Gypsy State Of Mind

If you asked me five years ago what I pictured my life to be like at 25-years-old, my answer would not be chasing big city dreams with a gypsy state of mind.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when or where my life took a 360-turn and everything changed — my spirit, my desire for more, my independence, my zest for life.

But, I can tell you that it all started with heartbreak and hitting my personal, darkest, most-ultimate low. A point in time where I came to realize that I wasn’t living a life that was undeniably mine, pushing my limits to really understand the meaning of my life; or what my purpose was.

I wish I had a better explanation for how my mindset and perspective changed, because I know how many people in this world could really use that type of advice right now — but I don’t. All I really have to say is that one day, I woke up from this new level of darkness and heartache that I didn’t understand, and made a conscious decision to fight back. I know just as well as the next person, that heartbreak and depression affect every angle of your life, from every spectrum across the board — but even so, it can [at times] be what triggers and reignites that fire, curiosity, and ambition that has since been lost.

At a certain point, I decided I wanted more for myself; I needed more for myself, and I made a commitment to say yes to every opportunity in order to live my best, most fulfilling life.

So, why does this even matter? What has one, single decision of just saying yes to life done for me?


  • Promotions and taking on a larger role with a leading premium content publisher.


  • Taking pride and dedication in taking my writing journey to the next level — working more closely with Thought Catalog and ENTITY Mag as an established Author on leading content and media magazine platforms.
  • Building my personal brand: creating effective social content and collaborating with top-brands around the world.
  • Traveling: Instead of placing my worth in the hands of others, I’ve taken full control and ownership of my worth through practicing self-love and sharing it with new places and people — from varying ways and walks of life; coast to coast and internationally.
  • Making a difference. To learn and know myself well enough to not care about contrasting opinions — to stay true to my heart, share my love, and encourage those from all over the world. To make a difference whenever, wherever possible.

So, why does this even matter? This matters because YOU CAN come back from the dark place. YOU CAN start over; create a life that was destined to be yours. YOU CAN create your own success story. YOU CAN change your perspective; YOU CAN change your life.

This matters because for the last several years, I’ve had people repeatedly asking me how I can just do what I do; in my professional and personal life, from all over the world. Well, my answer is really quite simple. I decided to say yes. I decided to live my life, not according to social norm and expectations; but exactly the opposite.

To live my life differently from anyone else; to shape my life based on my dreams, my wishes, and my passions. 

My happiness and my success are not defined by the amount of money I make — my happiness and success are defined by finding passion and purpose in everything I do; sharing unwavering love, encouragement, and spontaneity with everyone, anywhere, and everywhere in this world.

How you define your happiness and success — well, that is 100% completely and unashamedly up to YOU.


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