Ciao, Italy!

Ciao, Italy!

The week is finally here, y’all!

A year ago, lots of things changed in my life. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty deets, but long story short I realized how much more to life there is than just working a full-time job, saving money, and working through society’s chronological milestones. So, I made a promise to myself every year to visit 1-2 new countries to take in and experience all this world has to offer. I very quickly became obsessed but more importantly, inspired by the idea of solo-traveling – there is nothing in this world that makes me feel more alive, independent, free-spirited, and driven, and this year I am SO beyond excited to share where my adventures are taking me…

On Wednesday I’ll be taking off for the Amalfi Coast, Italy for 11 days. I’ve gotten tons of questions about this trip, so I figured I’d share the few details of what I have planned, but otherwise, I’ll be winging it for the majority of my time exploring Italy’s beautiful Coastal towns on yet another solo-adventure! 😉

How did you decide on the Amalfi Coast? Where will you be staying?

Ever since I became inspired and determined to travel the world on my own, I have personally been fangirling over Italy’s Coast from the travel accounts that I follow on Instagram. The architecture, culture, and picturesque beauty of these towns caught my eye immediately, and as a photographer, there’s no place more perfect to take this new adventure!

I will be flying into Naples International Airport and staying in the heart of Positano at Hotel Savoia — right by the main beach, Spiaggia Grande. The best part is that although I don’t have a direct flight, I do have a 24-hour layover in Dublin – so, I’ll be staying with some friends I met while traveling there last year and celebrating with my favorite Irish folk once again!


What places are you visiting?

I was a little surprised by how many people didn’t really know much about the Amalfi Coast – where it is or what towns make up the core so, here are some quick snaps of each of the coastal towns I’ll be wandering in for a little sneak peek…









What will you be doing?

Full Day Amalfi Coast Day Cruise from Positano

  • Taking off from the Positano port, I’ll be with a small group *(8-12 people) and we’ll get on a boat that will take us out to experience the Coastal towns from the sea!
  • Stops will include: Emerald Grotto sea cave in Conca dei Marini, the Furore fjord and the fishing village of Praiano, white sand beaches and coastal cliffs, hidden caves, and docking to explore the town of Ravello or Amalfi.
  • Pending weather – possible snorkeling near the grottos!


Vespa Tour of Amalfi Coast

  • I’ll be taking a full day and exploring the many different and iconic coastal towns on a…VESPA! I. am. so. stoked.
  • I’ll be with a small group of about 8 people with licensed tour guides joining us giving explanations about the monuments and sites.
  • We’ll be exploring the charming towns of Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi, taking in all of the awe-inspiring scenery!
  • Don’t worry, there will be plenty of photos to share. 🙂


Good Eats

I guarantee there will be plenty of authentic Italian meals and copious amounts of wine.

As for the rest of my stay, I’ll be winging it as I go, leaving my footprints and stories with a new part of the world, and I cannot wait to share the many things seen and learned from Italy!

I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my coastal Italian adventures via blog and Instagram — so be sure to check-in and follow along with me on this Italian adventure!



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