Promise Yourself 2020 Will Be Your Monumental Year

Promise Yourself 2020 Will Be Your Monumental Year

That’s the funny thing about life – there’s no definitive playbook on how to persevere, how to fall in and out of love, how to succeed, how to become a better version of yourself.

Year after year, your faith is doubted, your strength is tested, your trust is tainted, your heart is heavy. The uncertainty of it all makes you question humanity. It makes you question the intensity of your hope. It makes you doubt your faith can truly outweigh your struggles and fears. The only way you know how to survive it all is to pick your head up, hold it high, and try to move forward each day as a better human being.

Year after year, you make a promise to yourself that you may or may not follow through on. But this year, promise yourself you will follow through. Promise yourself that this year will be a year of monumental growth and healing. A year of choice and accountability; of choosing yes, happiness, and strength without fear. Of forgiveness; of believing faith in reason and prayer. Of perseverance; to always move forward, to rise above. Of love; of fiercely giving 110%, unconditionally and unapologetically. Of courage; passionately learning, growing, and advocating from every person, place, and experience. Of validation; that by striving to be a better human being, you are enough. And that alone will always be enough.

Of acceptance; of realizing that when you break it down, life is really just about finding yourself a little more every day. It’s about believing, growing, and pushing your limits until you finally believe in yourself all over again. It’s about finding joy in the little things and keeping your chin up. It’s about trusting your heart, leaning on your voice of reason, committing to putting your self-worth first. It’s about having faith in your place in this world.

So, promise yourself that this will be your monumental year, in every unconditional and unapologetic way. Promise yourself that this year you will use your faith, your strength, your trust, and your heart to move mountains. Because that is what this year has waiting for you.


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  1. MamaShirl
    February 1, 2020 / 12:56 am

    Sometime in your life you will have to put aside your own desires./interests/goals, to achieve a harmonious relationship with the other members of your family; spouse, children; and to be growing as a person also means sometimes setting aside your own goals for yourself. That is what marriage is all about, and if it is one that will last, YOU becomes US, as the other has goals which also need to be met; So compromise, sometimes giving in to another’s needs is “growth.” I am free of that, right now, but it’s a matter of “my” versus “our” If a relationship is to work, it is give and take. Giving at times, and being given to, at times. Growth sometimes needs a step back, instead of a step forward.

    LOVE your writing and your thinking./ I”m in the midst of computer hunting, and all bummed out at the prices of the thing itself and then all the additional costs to make it usable! Please keep in touch!!! LOVE, SL

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